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The Manasota Black Chamber of Commerce is affiliated with the Florida Black Chamber of Commerce & The National Black Chamber of Commerce

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June 13, 2017

Manasota Black Chamber of Commerce Announces the Appointment of Their President to the National Black Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 

Today the ManaSota Black Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that their President/CEO, Tarnisha L. Cliatt, has been invited to join the Board of Directors of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. 

On June 9, 2017, Mr. Harry C. Alford, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, invited Ms. Cliatt to join NBCC B.O.D.. Mr. Alford said, “You are a fine example of what a true NBCC leader should be. The invitation to the NBCC Board of Directors was based on your performance within your own chapter and in the Manatee area.” Ms. Cliatt’s appointment to the NBCC Board of Directors will begin on July 1, 2017. 

The National Black Chamber of Commerce® was incorporated in Washington, DC in March 1993. The NBCC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian organization dedicated to the economic empowerment of African American communities. 140 affiliated chapters are locally based throughout the nation as well as international affiliate chapters based in Bahamas, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, France, Botswana, Cameroon and Jamaica and businesses as well as individuals who may have chosen to be direct members with the national office. 

In essence, the NBCC is a 501(c)3 corporation that is on the leading edge of educating and training Black communities on the need to participate vigorously in this great capitalistic society known as America. 

The NBCC reaches 100,000 Black owned businesses. There are 2.6 million Black owned businesses in the United States. Black businesses account for over $138 billion in revenue each year according to the US Bureau of Census. The National Black Chamber of Commerce® is dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining African American communities through entrepreneurship and capitalistic activity within the United States. 

Ms. Cliatt embodies the diversity and spirit to bring a new level of expertise, talent and energy to the table. She will ensure that NBCC operates in the best interest of past, present and future members. We are excited that Ms. Cliatt will aid in NBCC staying relevant, serve an increasingly diverse community and will have a voice in the issues that matter. 

Contact info@manateeblackchamber.org or 941-702-2136 for further information. 

May 16, 2017

Chambers Pledge More Collaboration

ManaSota Black Chamber of Commerce had the pleasure of sharing the platform with the Manatee Chamber of Commerce during a forum at the Faith Based Alliance month meeting. It was a great opportunity to show case how the both chambers work together and share members to help boost and build our great community and small business population. Check the story, I'm sure you'll find it informative. A huge thank you to #MBCC Small Business & Young Black Professionals Executives that shared this platform alongside of me. Jordan E Ross, Simone Peterson and Edward James III #MBCCMOVEMENT #IRONSHARPENSIRON

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